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Everything you need to run exciting seafaring campaigns full of swashbuckling action and magical adventure for Fifth Edition.

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Early Access - August Release Feedback Survey
12 months ago – Wed, Aug 14, 2019 at 09:04:45 PM

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Early Access Backers - August Release
about 1 year ago – Sat, Aug 10, 2019 at 07:40:36 PM

We just sent out a 57 page PDF to all of our early access backers with the following contents:

  • 6 updated racial options (Cursed Souls, Sea Dwarves, Seasinger Sirens, Wavedancer Sirens, Taurs, Vodas)
  • Gunslinger class with 4 subclasses (Arcane Gunmaster, Musketeer, Pistolero, Sniper)
  • 15 subclass options for the 12 classes found in the 5e PHB
  • Updated equipment including armor, weapons, adventuring gear, tools, trade goods, and trinkets

Our goal is to have this content reviewed and then update the Quick Start Guide.

UPDATE: I added stats for the sidekick to the file as an appendix and redistributed the file. This NPC is needed for the Rogue Mask.

Seas of Vodari Subclasses Update
about 1 year ago – Tue, Jul 23, 2019 at 03:05:29 AM

We really appreciate the feedback we received from the survey back in June. We've implement tweaks and changes based on your feedback. I'd also like to share some details about the remaining subclasses. We have added the following subclasses to the book.

Gunslinger - Sniper Archetype

The development of increasingly accurate muskets and ammunition has led some gunslingers to become stealthy, precise hunters, in the wild or on the battlefield. They also become masters of keen observation and debilitating their targets in preparation for the kill. 

Bard - College of Nature

Members of this college are more at home in the wilderness than a rowdy tavern or royal court. When a member of this college performs a song, it can seem as if nature itself is joining in with rustling leaves, whistling winds, crashing waves, and singing birds. While they give their protection to nature they take magical energy in return. These bards connect with a specific natural environment, anywhere from the bottom of the sea to the mountains high above.

Bard - College of Shanties

These bards are most content working in the fields, deep in a mine, or on a ship while leading their crewmates in song. They weave magic into songs to help themselves and their crew focus and cooperate. These bards need their hands free to work and are most effective when their crewmates join them in song. 

Druid - Circle of the Deeps

Most of the world is ocean, and the druids of the Circle of the Deeps are among the few air-breathers who are one with its mysteries: crushing pressure, unfathomable creatures, and relics of an ancient past. Some druids of aquatic races also belong to this Circle, often taking a more protective stance toward the Deeps. A third branch of this Circle hides in plain sight: those who have embraced Dokahi’s malice against the sunlit lands. They threaten to bring the terrors of the deeps to all of Vodari.

Cannoneer Fighter Archetype

These fighters specialize in using gunpowder to devastate their enemies, mixing braun with technical know how. Mastering cannonfire on battlefields, from the decks of ships, or in their workshop, cannoneers blast cannonballs and other projectiles at their enemies using small cannons called culverins. Their resourcefulness and expertise with gunpowder can provide utility beyond the battlefield as well.

Paladin - Oath of Discovery

These paladins believe knowledge is power. Considered champions of Istori, these paladins seek out new lands to explore and secrets to unearth. They also serve as teachers, mentors, and experts for communities they encounter that need their assistance. Above all, these paladins seek to bring truth where there are lies, and provide knowledge in the face of ignorance.

Mask Roguish Archetype

A Mask battles against injustice and inequality living by a code of ethics, often outside of the law. As a Mask, you come alive when you don your masked persona as a wanted vigilante, outlaw, or rebel. While in disguise, your skill and cunning keep you from being captured by inept guards and bumbling thugs. The rest of the time you inhabit your secret identity as a well-connected noble, a famous entertainer, the captain of a ship, or any of the other roles people wear. Your masked persona protects your identity and those you care about from trouble. For a Mask, balancing these two roles can be a challenge, but the fight is worth it.

The Council Warlock Patron 

These warlocks have sealed a pact with not one patron, but with a council comprised of powerful beings that share a singular purpose. These councils may range from an academy of wizards who have outwitted death, to a pirate brethren who labor under a curse, to an assembly of powerful elementals or island spirits. 

We also have created a Pact of the Ink for warlocks, where your patron imparts on you the knowledge to create Otherworldly Ink and 3 supporting Eldritch Invocations. During a short or long rest, you may ink a tattoo on your skin unlocking new abilities and powers. 

School of Mistwalking Arcane Tradition

Far from the southern islands, there is an island shrouded in mists. Few ships find safety there, but those who have seen it and returned speak of a tower that is the source of the mist, called the Pernicious Spire. An order of renegade wizards lives around the tower, studying its secrets and contending with its dangers. They practice a magic that draws on these mists, confusing their enemies with illusions and enchantments.

World Map Preview
about 1 year ago – Tue, Jul 02, 2019 at 06:56:19 PM

I wanted to share a preview of the new Seas of Vodari world map. I hope everyone is liking the new detailed style. The printed map will be 21.75" x 16.75" and foldable. We'll also be providing digital versions in PDF and high-res JPG. If you didn't grab a printed copy during during the Kickstarter, you can still add it onto your order on Backerkit. 

Seas of Vodari Themed Character Sheets Sent to Backers
about 1 year ago – Tue, Jun 25, 2019 at 11:11:03 PM

Hey Backers!

We just sent out Seas of Vodari themed printable character sheets to all of you. You should have received a download link from Backerkit. The file is our 3 page interpretation of the 5e character sheet, in PDF format. We squeezed in a little room for treasure and plunder!