The Seas of Vodari - Swashbuckling and Sorcery for 5th Edition

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Everything you need to run exciting seafaring campaigns full of swashbuckling action and magical adventure for Fifth Edition.

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Locking Orders - November 8, 2019
9 months ago – Tue, Nov 05, 2019 at 01:39:09 AM

Hey Backers!

We're completing the final edits and art for the book and moving into layout this week! We're still hopeful that everyone will have a PDF copy of the Seas of Vodari by the end of this month. So, it's finally time to lock orders. 

We will be locking all orders in Backerkit on Friday November 8, 2019.

Please check your credit card and shipping details in Backerkit to avoid any issues with shipping the hardcover book and any add-ons to you. 



Seas of Vodari - October Update
10 months ago – Mon, Oct 07, 2019 at 10:59:06 PM

Ahoy Backers!

Thanks everyone who participated in the updated Quickstart feedback survey! The results have been overwhelmingly positive. 

I also wanted to give an update on where we are on the book as we finish up writing and move into editing. We are still targeting a November release and will be sending out chapters for review to early access backers soon. 

Here are some details for those who are interested...

  •  Chapter I - Welcome to Vodari. As mentioned in September, we increased the size of the pantheon from 13 to 15 gods, provided additional lore for each of the gods, and details for the 'Seas Beyond' afterlife. This chapter is complete.
  •  Chapter II - A World to Explore. This chapter has been greatly expanded from the 5 pages in the Quickstart and will take up somewhere around 1/5 of the book. Each major island has been expanded with key locations, and personalities, adventure hooks, and maps of capital cities. We're in the process of finishing up a few remaining islands and drawing the city maps.
  •  Chapter III - The People of Vodari. The feedback regarding the additions and changes to the playable racial options was positive. We have made some minor tweaks. This chapter is complete.
  •  Chapter IV - Character Options. Overall the feedback was very positive on the latest round of subclasses. We've made some tweaks based on your survey feedback. This chapter is complete.
  •  Chapter V - Equipment. This chapter is complete. We might open it back up to add a few additional weapons and armor options. 
  •  Chapter VI - Ships & Cannons. Stats have been created for all of the ships and cannons. We're in the process of mapping each ship, providing additional ship modifications, and finishing up our sample ships and crews. 
  •  Chapter VII - Magic Items & Spells. We're adding the last few spells and magic items to this section. The final book is going to provide many, many more spells and magic items over what has been provided in the Quickstart.
  •  Chapter VIII - Gamemaster Tools. This chapter is complete. This is a chapter that hasn't been shared at all in the Quickstart. It provides rules for duels, additional combat actions, gambling, the code of the sea, and lots of random tables to fill out visits to ports and sea voyages.
  •  Chapter IX - Allies & Adversaries. We have greatly expanded on the group of monsters and NPCs provided in the Quickstart. We're also working to provide NPCs versions of most of the subclasses such as the musketeer, cannoneer, scoundrel, mistwalker wizard, etc. 
  •  Chapter X - Adventures in Vodari. We are adding additional scenarios to accompany the starter adventure. The adventure has been tweaked based on feedback from Gen Con and the survey. We've also added more maps and art. 

Well, I need to get back to editing. We're really excited about this book and can't wait to send it out to everyone.

Quickstart v2.0 Feedback Survey and September Update
11 months ago – Thu, Sep 05, 2019 at 07:42:30 PM


Last week we sent out the updated Quickstart Guide to all of our backers. We're hoping you can help us out by completing this short survey:

September Update

Now that our second release of the player options is out, we're focused on completing and revising the rest of the book. Some quick updates and notes of interest:

  • We have increased the size of the pantheon from 13 to 15 gods, adding Aerako (god of wind and mischief) and Dokahi (goddess of the deep sea, epic poetry and monsters). We also provided additional lore for each of the gods and details for the 'Seas Beyond' afterlife.
  • 'Chapter II: A World to Explore' has been greatly expanded with pages of details for islands to visit full of locations, factions, and key NPCs. 
  • We'll be splitting the player options found in the Quickstart into two chapters. 'Chapter III: The People of Vodari' providing additional details for the other races of Vodari such as elves, halfling, humans, tieflings, and others. 'Chapter IV: Player Options' will continue to provide the class, background, feat, and bond options seen in the Quickstart.
  • The 'Chapter VI: Ships & Cannons' chapter provided in the Quickstart has been expanded and all the ships have been stated out. We're now working on finishing up ship upgrades and specific ships to find on the Seas of Vodari.
  • For 'Chapter VII: Magic & Spells' we're in the process of adding even more nautical and seafaring themed magic items and spells.
  • The 'Chapter VII: Gamemaster Tools' chapter continues to progress with rules for duels, gambling, and lots of random tables to add details to ports, ships, and the seas of your world.
  • I had a chance to playtest the Island with No Name starter adventure at Gen Con. The adventure has been revised and we're in the process of adding more maps. We've moved to finishing up the shorter adventure scenarios to drop into your games. Some of the scenarios include a haunted ship, sailing race, and maelstrom escape.

We're working to get these content updates out to our early backers as soon as they are ready for review.

Art Previews

 A preview of Vodari's elves (Aubori, Lunari, Silvari,and Quessari) together as a group. 

 Leta (Musketeer) duels Baron Lucian Rau high above the city.

Quickstart Guide v2 - Sent Out via Backerkit
12 months ago – Fri, Aug 30, 2019 at 04:44:15 PM

I am excited to announce we have sent out an updated version of the Quickstart Guide to all backers and pre-orders via BackerKit. 

We received feedback from many of you via survey back in June. In addition, I have been able to get some playtest data from sources including early access backers, my Seas of Vodari campaign group, and running games at Gen Con. We've taken all of this feedback and updated the Quickstart Guide.

In this updated version we made various tweaks and changes to content you already seen based on feedback. In addition, the following new content has been added:

  • Siren (Seasinger and Wavedancer) Racial Option 
  • Taur Racial Option 
  • Gunslinger: Sniper Archetype
  • Bard: College of Nature and College of Shanties 
  • Druid: Circle of the Deeps
  • Cannoneer Fighter Archetype
  • Paladin: Oath of Discovery
  • Mask Roguish Archetype
  • Warlock: The Council Patron and Pact of Ink
  • Wizard: School of Mistwalking
  • Updated rules/notes on firearm use and equipment to support the cannoneer
  • NPC stats for a sidekick for the Mask roguish archetype

As we close in on the final version of the book, your continued feedback is essential. We'll be sending out a survey in two weeks to everyone for feedback on all of the race and class options.

If you have not received a copy of the updated Quickstart Guide please email

That's it for this update. I'll go back to updating the Ships & Cannons chapter. 

Racial Options Update
12 months ago – Thu, Aug 15, 2019 at 03:22:57 AM

I wanted to send out an update on the current status of the racial options for the Seas of Vodari campaign setting. The latest version of these options are currently with our early access backers and we're looking to update the Quick Start guide so that everyone can see the updates and additions by the end of August.

For the final book, we are dedicating a full chapter on detailing the origins and current place for these new races and all of the other races of Vodari. Here are some details on the options created for the Vodari setting.

Aurirn, or Sea Dwarves, are amphibious dwarves who mine boiling cracks at the bottom of the sea. We listened to feedback and this option now has been rebuilt with new stats and more lore.

Cursed Souls exist between life and death, between the person they were and the ghostlike being they have become. This option has been rebuilt based on feedback to provide a strict approach to which racial traits are kept when a halfling, human, or any of the other PHB races becomes a cursed soul.

Sirens are a beautiful amphibious people with a fey background. Two subraces of sirens are found in Vodari, but these distinctions are minor and purely based on which type of magical gift a siren receives as they near adulthood. Seasingers learn to enchant their songs. Wavedancers gain the ability to change their legs into a tail. 

Taurs are bovine humanoids who prize strength, skill, and honor above all else. We could have just called them minotaurs, but we wanted to emphasize that taurs are a slightly different take. Yes, they are big, strong, and spend time during their youth training as warriors... but they dedicate their life to being a master chef, world class navigator, champion gladiator, or anything that can be mastered.

Vodas are an amphibious race from the sea that use illusory magic to hide among the other people of Vodari. Based on feedback we made some minor tweaks to the lore and mechanics based on feedback.

We decided to remove the Mechasoul as an option based on feedback.